Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Idgie & Ruth

Here's the story behind the story and (THE REAL REASON) why the general audience were so confused about the movie; thus creating among themselves the ol' "were they or weren't they???" heated debates between Idgie & Ruth that still continues up to this day. Here are the various mixed reactions of several reviewers online (I will copy & paste their opinions/interpretations on here). Interesting enough, five individuals had the correct, and most accurate answer without knowing about the concept of Romantic Friendship. They can be found under the comments of (#11) through (#15).

(Comment #1) "It was a rated PG movie made for entertainment, and VERY WELL done, although it does leave us scratching our heads...."

(Comment #2) "I'm a bit confused, were Ruth & Idgie lovers or not?"

(Comment #3) "Is it my imagination or was there 'something more' going on between these two female protagonists?"

(Comment #4) "I don't know whether they were lovers or not, but it was a special friendship nevertheless."

(Comment #5) "I thought they were just really good friends."

(Comment #6) "What?! I thought Idgie and Ruth were just friends."

(Comment #7) "I love this movie!! I'm soooooo sad Ruth died in the end. I really wanted them to be best friends forever."

(Comment #8) "Idgie and Ruth were pretty tight. I've never seen such a strong platonic bond between two women."

(Comment #9) "Idgie and Ruth weren't lesbians at all. Where was the sex? The two women didn't even make out!! This is not lesbianism; just pure innocent friendship."

(Comment #10) "Oh please, they are merely close friends!! You guys analyze stuff wayyyyy too closely."

(Comment #11) "I believe they were friends, and became so close that no man could fill the shoes of the other one.... So, that's how I took it."

(Comment #12) "My interpretation is that Ruth & Idgie's relationship was a recipe blended with a deeply rich, compassionate, human, real and intimate love. Period."

(Comment #13) "In my humble opinion, I truly believe that two people don't have to be making love to one another to aspire to this unusually deep, intimate friendship."

(Comment #14) ".... And about the relationship between Idgie and Ruth (in the movie), I think that you could interpret the relationship in any way you want. I can definitely feel the homosexual vibes some might pick up on. However, I do not feel that Idgie and Ruth were lovers. I believe that two women can love each other, and be in love without being lesbians. To me, for there to be a homosexual relationship, they would have to 'get physical' (sexually) which was never spoken of nor alluded to in the movie; in my opinion."

(Comment #15) "I got this DVD as a Christmas present, and it was great. I also picked up that while not lesbian lovers, Idgie and Ruth were a couple as much as any couple ever, due to their love for each other, and their devotion, and their commitment - and so, as far as I am concerned, they win over any physical commitment that anyone else can lay a claim to."

(Comment #16) "Ruth and Idgie were lovers. Deal."

(Comment #17) "Oh, I thought Idgie was a lesbian and Ruth was bisexual."

(Comment #18) "I don't intend to be confrontational, but there was never a doubt in my mind that Ruth and Idgie were lovers."

(Comment #19) "This movie broke barriers and was a breakthrough in LGBT cinema."

(Comment #20) "Wait a minute.... If they were lesbians, HOW COME their conservative and religious families, friends and relatives (back then homosexuality was punishable by death) were so accepting of their relationship?? It doesn't make sense."

(Comment #21) "They were closeted-lesbians!! Duh!"

(Comment #22) "That's virtually impossible. They can't fool everyone. The small town they lived in was wayyyyy toooo closed-knit!! It is NOTHING LIKE today's society. Everybody (back then) knew everything about everybody else (even little minor details). There was no privacy whatsoever. Ruth and Idgie didn't even live by themselves. There was a constant stream of company coming in and out of their huge home every single day. No knocking on doors at all. The black servant also lived with them (plus the kid too), and probably a few more folks. After all, it was a big family. If there was EVEN A HINT of something going on, the gossip would've spread like wildfire all over town in a split-second!!!"

(Comment #23) "Oh come on, it is A LESBIAN film, plain and simple. Everyone can see that. You want close platonic relationships between friends?? Watch Steel Magnolias."

(Comment #24) "They are definitely lesbians. Idgie NEVER ACCEPTS the advances of any male suitors. She established EARLY ON as being unhappy in girlish clothes. Look, Idgie played baseball too!!! What does that imply, huh?? What's more, both suffered from big traumas relating to men. Idgie's brother got killed. Ruth was abused by her husband so she decided to 'switch teams.' Also, best friends do not caress each other!"

(Comment #25) "The implication is that Ruth and Idgie are IN LOVE, in the romantic sense. If you can't see this in the way they look at each other, the way they talk to each other, the way they touch each other; etc then you are in SERIOUS DENIAL of the very fact they're lesbians."

Believe it or not, VERY FEW folks out there (only the avid book readers) know that Fried Green Tomatoes was originally an actual lesbian novel. It wasn't until YEARS LATER they decided to create an entire movie based on it. In fact, the filmmakers drew criticism from (a very small percentage of) reviewers for removing THE WHOLE homosexual aspect of the book's plot. I completely understand that the majority of people would have turned their backs on a film (if it was deemed sexual), and the producers knew about this possibility beforehand (unwanted negative outcome). So the filmmakers did what they had to do to remain true to the story without "stepping on too many toes." Besides, lesbianism was still a "little taboo" back in the 1990's, and therefore filmmakers wanted to avoid controversy. Yet at the same time, they wanted the film to be a 100% success. They had to come up with some sort of compromise. So then, what did they do?? They wanted ONLY TO PORTRAY two women deeply in love, period. They simply wanted to portray an intense romance between two beautiful ladies (pleasing the lesbian audience), yet simultaneously do the whole thing in the absence of sex, lust & erotica (thus pleasing the straight audience). **Drum Rolls** What then came out as a result in this motion picture?? Romantic Friendship!!!

In other words, unbeknownst to the executive producers & their hard-working crew who created this spectacular film (and without the general audience realizing it), they had in reality, ACCIDENTALLY PRODUCED a romantic friendship AND Boston marriage version of Fried Green Tomatoes. And let me tell you, it was a beautiful and unforgettable outcome!!! A magnificent work of art, indeed! If you stop to really think about it, this popular movie actually 'broke barriers' and was 'a breakthrough' in Romantic Friendship cinema! In fact, this movie was a perfect precursor to a particular cult classic television show we all know and love.

Here's my favorite wallpaper. The quote therein rings so true for me. I mean.... if you loved another (on a profound level) and you were very (genuinely) loved in return, then who cares about the whole traditional 'marriage/sex idea?' It doesn't really matter. In fact, you definitely "haven't missed a thing" if you had experienced real 'LOVE' in life. Please, to all of my readers out there, think about this deeply.

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